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Transport Plan

SWAN Office and Technology Park are pleased to announce the details of their Integrated Transport Plan.


The transport plan consists of four elements.

1. We have arranged for two public bus lines (445 and 567) to increase their frequency of service.

A bus will stop at SWAN Office and Technology Park at roughly 5 to 8 minute intervals, in each direction, throughout the day.

Users of SWAN buildings will be able to use these buses free of charge by swiping their SWAN access control card on a sensor mounted on the bus.

Details of the bus routes are shown below.

2. SWAN will supplement these public bus services with private buses during the peak travel periods of 7:30am to 9:30am and 4:30 to 6:30pm.

The private buses will shuttle to and from the Pipera Metro station 4 times per hour.

Each private bus can transport up to 280 passengers an hour and the number of buses will increase with the occupancy of the building so that, when the building is fully occupied, there will be at least one shuttle bus every 5 minutes.

This service is in addition to the public buses noted above.

3. In addition to the buses that connect SWAN to the metro station, there are numerous public bus and tram lines located within the vicinity.

Bus 135 (Stefan cel Mare - Floreasca - Pipera)
Bus 112 (Bucurestii Noi - Baneasa - Pipera)
Bus 445, 567 (Pipera Metro - Tunari)
Bus 167 (Fundeni - Doamna Ghica - Pipera)
Tram 16, 36 (Unirii - Stefan cel Mare - Doama Ghica - Pipera).

4. SWAN will operate a car sharing database so that building users can register an interest in car sharing. The Building Managers will link up potential car sharers with other users travelling to and from common destinations.


Bus Line 445


Voluntari STV Bus 445 (Metro Pipera - Tunari)


Bus Line 567


Voluntari STV Bus 567 (Tei - Jolie Ville)


SWAN Transport Plan


SWAN, Metro Station
Voluntari STV Bus, Voluntari Bl Bus

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